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Most beginners look for guns that are reliable, durable and inexpensive. The Spyder paintball opus has all three main features to encourage any beginner to own one. Unlike like sub-standard guns, this marker does not lack in technology in any way and has many advanced features. Most beginners want a marker that has all the features of expensive and high-end guns while paying little for them. It can be a challenge finding a cheap gun with high-end features. However, the Spyder paintball Opus is an exception.

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  • Semi-automatic
  • EKO Valve system that efficiently manages air
  • Clamping collar feed neck
  • Completely aluminium body
  • Ergonomic Trigger for high impacts
  • Works on CO2 and HPA
  • Trigger works with two fingers
  • 10” micro barrel
  • Inline bottom-line ASA


  • This semi-automatic gun is fit for competition like no other beginner gun you will find
  • The top technology that goes into making the Spyder paintball Opus makes it one of the best markers that a beginner can own
  • The Opus is very light and is a .50 calibre marker
  • The speed at which this marker performs can make it a competitive gun to play with in a field of experienced players as well
  • This marker shoots out 3,500 shots out of a single 20oz CO2 tank. This means only two things – cheaper on the pocket and continuous playtime
  • The Spyder paintball Opus is known for its extremely efficient EKO Valve system which is pending patent
  • The break beam eye system avoids any paint from splattering and making a mess from the inside
  • The sleek design and body of the Spyder paintball Opus makes it one of those guns that you will pick up on first sight
  • The Opus works effectively with both HPA as well as CO2. However, it is a known to perform better with HPA
  • You can choose different kinds of gear to go with the Spyder paintball Opus

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  • A CO2 tank is not included with the Spyder paintball Opus and has to be purchased separately

 Easy to Use

The Spyder paintball Opus is very lightweight and easy to use for any beginner. The ability to concentrate on the game for a longer period of time without having to change the CO2 is a feature, any beginner will want. Beginners also have the tendency to lose a lot of shots while firing. With the Spyder paintball Opus; being able to fire 2000+ shots is as advantage. There is no need to worry about the maintenance of the Spyder Opus as it does not require any specialized cleaning. The entire marker detaches with a single bolt and can be easily cleaned from the inside and out. Moreover, with the presence of the anti-chop system the paintballs are not broken inside the chamber, thus reducing the necessity for any paint splatters. With all of these great features, the Spyder Opus is definitely value for money.

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