Spyder Victor Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega Set

spyder victor mega set






This entire set comes with all that you need for your paintball game. This set is ideal for beginners. Each piece in this set is designed with durability and perfection in mind. There are several things that you get for the price, which makes this the only gear you will need to purchase to indulge in the sport once in a while. This set makes an amazing gift to pass onto kids and adults who have taken an interest to paintball. The entire set is durable and can last a few years.

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  • Victor Marker
  • 200 round hopper
  • 20 ounce tank
  • Protective mask visor
  • Six 140-round tubes
  • One gold cup oil
  • Jerk squeegee


  • This set comes with the best marker there is for a beginner to conquer the field
  • The marker is all aluminium and is streamlined
  • The weight of the marker is also surprisingly light even for young players
  • The trigger is high impact polymer designed
  • The finish of the entire marker is matte and anodized
  • The striker plug is tool-free
  • The barrel is micro-pored
  • The trigger allows for two fingers; making it perfect for young players
  • The velocity can be adjusted from the outside
  • The hone line is steel braided as well
  • The mask is perfect for juniors
  • The mask has anti-fogging capabilities and does not obstruct vision
  • There is enough of breathing space inside the mask
  • There are vents to allow for hot air to escape from the inside during game play
  • The mask also comes with a visor that can be used when playing outdoors
  • A 20 ounce tank for CO2 is part of this set
  • The jerk squeegee is what you are going to need for maintenance without having to buy additional products to maintain the gear
  • The ammo belt and the tubes are perfect for young kids and the belt is comfortable to wear while being adjustable
  • You can choose to upgrade the barrel if there is need; as skill progresses
  • The hopper is gravity fed and works like a charm for beginners

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  • The CO2 tank is empty when packages because it is illegal to transport full CO2 tanks. However, you can buy CO2 at a cheap price right on the field

Easy to Use

The Spyder Victor Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega Set is very easy to use for all ages. It has all the basics that you will need for a good game of paintball as a family. Buying all of these separately can be expensive. However, this set looks after all the basics that are required. It makes a perfect gift for someone who is aspiring to learn the ropes in paintballing. After a few years this set can be upgraded. The maintenance is also easy and there is no need for extra cleaning equipment than what comes with the set.

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