Hi, My name is Simon.


If you are looking to purchase paintball equipment, you have come to the right place to help you decide on what to buy!

I’ve been involved in the paintball industry for 15 years now and absolutely love it! I started off as a recreational player when I was 12 years old! I now play at a more serious level and work at a paintball park in South Carolina. Over the years I have tried and tested many different brands and types of paintball equipment and also get great feedback from friends at customers at the paintball park.

I often get queried about what equipment to buy, from beginners to professionals so I’ve created this page to pass on my knowledge as I know it can be quite daunting sifting through the plethora of information available when trying to select the best gear to buy.

The equipment I have selected is a short list of my personal favorites from the many options available. I have tried to keep it simple, listing a little bit about the gun, the features, advantages and disadvantages to help you make your decision.

Have fun!

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